Lovingly Handcrafted!

About Windcatchers

These figures can withstand heavy winds and are most commonly enjoyed in the garden or on a patio. Experiment with different locations in your yard to optimize the effect of the wind on them, but please use care while handling.


Each Windcatcher is lovingly handcrafted, balanced, and adjusted to best catch the slightest Breeze. One or more Windcatchers will add a delightful dance of motion to your garden. A mere puff of wind will set it to spinning and a stronger breeze will invoke a swirling/dipping dance. A gale can put it through even more strenuous gyrations. The heaviest of winds will rarely knock a Windcatcher from its perch. If your figure should be blown off its perch and require rebalancing, merely gently adjust the weights, bending them slightly and testing for proper balance. To see a video of them in action click here.



Windcatchers are made of welded steel that takes on a rusted patina and darkens with age after being exposed to the weather. Elements such as rocks and other metals are added in some designs.


Each figure comes with a metal stake to be driven into the ground or a potted plant. When in doubt, balance the figure on the leg with my signature on it.